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New The Addams Family software mod

Om flippere, reparation, vedligeholdelse osv.
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New The Addams Family software mod

Indlægtirs 21. aug 2018 20:18

New The Addams Family software mod

Pinball people have expressed “if only you could not time out the power magnets on The Addams Family”. With reference to competition play, where players are holding the balls and waiting.

However, in my view, an improvement of the game will not be to extend the time out interval. But to shorten it.

First of all, the time out of magnets activity is not game design as such. But a safety precaution to not have them overheat (stock balls).

Second, I believe the magnets cause a bit too much randomisation in competition usage.

And third, if a player manages to trap up, why not reward an oppotunity for a clean shot. Right away.

The magnet feature is great. But I like to see it used a bit more subtle.

Dwelling a bit on this. How about a magnets rule, where precise shot making for mode objectives does not activate the magnets at all. But, with balls out of control, “The power” is thrown into the game.

The Addams Family
L-5 patch a656
Download link:

The download contains a patch for both the Xdelta 3 and the LunarIPS tools. It also contains a backbox info sheet.


New feature adjustment A.2 29 The Power.

“Some-sw 2s”, “Some-sw 3s” (default), “Some-sw 4s”, “Some-sw 5s”, “Some-sw 6s”, “Some-sw 10s”, “Some-sw 15s”,
“All-sw 2s”, “All-sw 3s”, “All-sw 4s”, “All-sw 5s”, “All-sw 6s”, “All-sw 10s”, “All-sw 15s”.

“Disabled”: The power is disabled.
“Some switches”: The power is activated only on ball hits to standup targets (not Train wreck), pop bumpers and slingshots. With the designated timeout.
“All switches”: The power is activated on any ball activity (rev L-5 behaviour). With the designated timeout.

When Tournament play selected: A tilt do not advance GREED.
When Tournament play selected: The lock trough is emptied at end-of-game.

Adjustment A.1 28 Min vol. override, defaults to Yes.

Why it rocks

The “choiced switches only” magnets rule rewards accurate shooting and ball control.
Less waiting time for magnets to time out.
Menu adjustable timeout and mode of operation.
In competition play (single player games), the initial game state is the same for everyone.


The power is still only in play in Seance and multiball modes.
The Train wreck shot is safe. Return balls to the Swamp targets and to the left slingshot will not activate The power.
The three The power flash lamps will occationally be run as light show. Even when the magnets are passive.
Selection “All switches 15s” will give the rev L-5 behaviour.
Please perform a factory reset upon installation.

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Re: New The Addams Family software mod

Indlægons 22. aug 2018 17:54

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