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New Radical software mod

Om flippere, reparation, vedligeholdelse osv.
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New Radical software mod

Indlægman 29. okt 2018 19:56

The craziest one yet. A major overhaul of Radical clearing out bugs and modifing rules to make it suitable for multi-player competition play.

A very cool game that was unbelievably buggy and absolutely broken for competition. Well, not anymore.

LA-1 patch 8351
Download link:

Release note


RADICAL progress is never lost.
Lock made progress is player individual (no hard lock stealing). And never lost.
New status report page: RADICAL lights lock -> Lock lit -> RADICAL lights multiball -> Multiball lit.

On tilt, a locked ball is only ejected in the case of both balls ending up in the lock trough.
Lower drop target bank reset omitted from ball search.
Pops added to ball search.

Menu adjustment 50 changed from “Display AU01-04” to “Contest game”. Options: “No” and “Yes”. Default: “No”.
When Contest game selected: The lock trough kicker is omitted from ball search.
When Contest game selected: The X ramp diverter is omitted from ball search.
When Contest game selected: Snake run awards follow a fixed sequence. Cross balls, player individual.
The Snake run sequence: Million, Vertical, Skate, Tail, Million, Vertical, Skate, Tail, Mystery, Mystery,…
When Contest game selected: Snake run “next award” is indicated on the backbox translite.
When Contest game selected: The Snake run Mystery award is 100K.

The Mega-millions jackpot follows the fixed sequence of 4M, 6M, 8M, 10M, 10M,… Increment on collect. Player individual.

Ball tracking and handling are cleaned up.
No multiball false start.
No incorrect end-of-ball, when draining down to one ball-in-play.

A bug where Bust-a-move ramp shots would not register on fast combos, fixed.
A bug where Tail slide ramp shots would not always divert the ball, fixed.
Buggy X ramp diverter control with multiple up/down/up cycles on open, fixed.

Better postpond ball search handling when balls are held by the game.
A bug where Mega-million would go to last chance (timing out) on ball search, fixed.

A bug where the lower drop targets would stay down with no Spot letter option, fixed.
A buggy light show procedure related to the lower drop target bank, removed.

Tail slider start level is harmonised at level 2 for all players.
A bug where Tail slider mode would carry half baked to next player, fixed.
Tail slider exceeding level 15 no longer freeze the ball in the lock.

Messy logic regarding RADICAL progress and RADICAL shots indicators are cleaned up.
A bug where on tilt, the game would not shut down lights and music, fixed.

Why it rocks

Lost progress is unfair.
Too severe random elements. Snake run, to some extend. Mega-million, most certainly.
Lock stealing now off the board.
Progressive jackpot.
Reward for skillful strategic play regarding the Skate-or-die Snake run trumph.
Ball search and tilt no longer mess up game states.
Proper handling of two balls in the lock trough by mistake. And two balls in play by mistake.
Both states may occure on even a top condition machine due to the dynamics of the wonderful lock trough mech.
Bug fixes. A lot of them.


Lock made status sustains through a ball removed from the lock by opponents or a tilt.
Soft lock stealing only. Relock necessary, but opponents will never benefit a players achievements.

If Skate-or-die is lit, a Skate-or-die at the Snake run will award the Mystery instead.
The buggy diverter control would occationally make a diverted Tail slide ramp shot register as a Bust-a-move ramp shot.
The fixed diverter control allows plunging the ball to lock/start multiball, when lit, at start-of-ball.

Tail slider mode is lit on (radicAl) “A” collected. Re-lit on a spinner shot and at start-of-ball. Mode lit does not time out.
Once the mode is started, the Tail slider indicator runs on a 12 seconds timeout. Reset on a Tail slider collected.

The European ROM defaults to the hard pre-set. The mod, based on the US ROM, defaults to the medium pre-set. The medium pre-set is recommended.
Spot RADICAL on inlanes (adjustment 32) stops when the score exceeds 4M.

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Re: New Radical software mod

Indlægtirs 30. okt 2018 00:28

For satans det er imponerende arbejde!
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IFPA# 21932


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Re: New Radical software mod

Indlægtirs 30. okt 2018 09:05

God damn godt arbejde Søren :)
How Can i get it done ?

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